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January 6, 2009

i hope everyone had happy and safe holidays! and i hope 2009 is everything you want it to be...

- confused about the gaza-israel chaos currently going on? ny times lays it out for us in a nice, neat graphic, timeline and depressing photos.
- so this boy has been missing for a decade. the parents just now reported it. sick bastards.
- racial profiling against muslims is out of control. first us citizens are barred from a flight, and now a guy has to cover up his t-shirt with arabic writing? flippin ridiculous.
- a 4-year old seals the case on why we need better gun control.
- the uk atheists' bus journey: "there's probably no god. now stop worrying about it and enjoy your life." i'm not an atheist, but i kinda like the counter ads this group raised the money to run on uk buses.
- holy balls on fire! note to self: don't piss off brown wives.
- random, but some of these logos are pretty cool.
- mmmmm.... bacon!

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