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November 5, 2008

you know those blues you get during the first week of january when all the holiday excitement has come and gone? well... i think i have the election blues. we've all been drowning in punditry for the past several months. we've learned and researched and analyzed each candidate through and through. now there's one, sweet president-elect. and although i'm without-words-excited that my choice prevailed, i still feel some kind of emptiness that the competition is over. or maybe i'm just depressed because i know the real work lies ahead. barack, you better not disappoint us.

here are some people's thoughts of the day:
- the right wingnuts react.
-even the onion was sorta moved by this moment.
- from the people that brought you sorry everybody, they've done it again with a nice f'ing recap.
- i get nauseous thinking about barack's safety, so i think best week ever is on to something brilliant with the hamster ball and habitrail.
- a 5 year-old cast his dad's ballot. one tear.
-WTF is going on in california?!?! how could they possibly vote against prop 8?! no one has the right to tell anyone who to marry. california, i've always thought of you as progressive. you've really disappointed me.
- who doesn't love a silly photo gallery?!

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