on election eve.

November 3, 2008

neither obama nor mccain has all the answers. and i don't expect either one to bring drastic and quick change. i have my qualms with both... obama's ridiculous tax hikes for the wealthy are matched by mccain's ridiculous plan to stay at war for 100 years. and obama's healthcare plan seems as vague and confusing as mccain's vp choice. but we do know for certain that either mccain or obama is going to be sworn in on 1.20.2009. although we have faith in our choices based on our own research and political leanings, we unfortunately can't predict how either man will actually govern as president. and while i do strongly believe each person should make his/her decision primarily based on which positions align best with his/her needs, maybe we should trust our gut a little bit. maybe we should also consider which candidate's character speaks to us the most. and maybe while making our decision it's ok to extrapolate the way the two men have handled their campaigns to the way they would handle their presidency. and in that case, the decision seems so simple and so clear. to me.

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