i'm running for president!

September 16, 2008

as poehler-as-clinton said, "ANYone can be president," so i'm running for president! and that is just as unthinkable/ludicrous/illogical/asinine as sarah palin's vice presidency. listen, before i rip on palin, let me just say that i haven't been completely swept away by obama fever. i don't agree with all that comes out of his charismatic mouth... for one, why can't taxes just be proportional based on income? what am i missing there? and i'm still skeptical of all his "present" votes. and generally, as everyone says, he's just inexperienced. so, ok, i've disclaimed that obama's not perfect. now that that's done... america, wtf?!! how did someone like her get the veep nod? how does that even happen?

i will admit that when mccain announced sarah palin was his running mate, i was intrigued. i thought hmm, maybe this is good. maybe a fresh-faced, white house outsider would be the positive change he keeps proclaiming he'll bring. and then i blinked...

after 5 seconds on google, i was remiss. after another 5 seconds, i thought america was being punk'd. and since then, the more and more i learn about her, i'm devastated.

i can't believe palin is a "heartbeat" (johnny mac is 72) away from potentially becoming president. i mean i'm so confused. where did we go wrong to make mccain think this would be a good political move? and don't give me the "oh she's a woman like hillary" answer. yes, she's a woman anatomically. but honestly, it's just insulting to assume she's representative of me and my gender.

so, obviously, you have to vote. you must. you have no excuse. not registered? do it now. still undecided who to vote for? do your research after which you'll inevitably decide to vote for obama! but seriously, if you need any research done, let me know. i'm happy to help in any way i can to help you come to your conclusion and turn it into a vote.

i leave you with others' thoughts on why mccain/palin can not be america's choice.

no way, no how, no mccain:
the lying game.
the ugly, new mccain.
he doesn't understand our current financial situation.

thanks, but no thanks to palin:
good chronicle.
wrongfully billed state.
some of her ultra right, ultra wrong positions.

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