who says tennis is a dying sport?

July 8, 2008

if you haven't been following a little tennis over the past few years, you're missing out. seriously. the rivalry between every mens singles player and roger federer is intense. i have been very impressed by his bad assness on the court as well as his lovely sportsmanship off the court. and now here comes rafael nadal. he surpasses even federer's humility... and now has beat federer in wimbledon. if you missed that epic match, it was unbelievable. and in the end, it was nadal's well-deserved turn to win (and chew!) the trophy. while i am a huge fan of nadal, federer will always (well, always in a fair weather sort of way) have my tennis heart. i found this clip of him and andre agassi playing tennis on the top of some helipad in dubai. craziness! almost as nutty as that new spinning madness that's being built there.

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