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July 21, 2008

-firstly, run- don't walk- to go see batman. preferably on imax. best. movie. all. summer!

-secondly, click on the picture. what creepster would think random iron statues scattered on liverpool's shores would be a fun and totally normal idea? shriek!
-dear jalapeno, you're still my favorite queso topping.
-in these hard financial times, apparently your bank may die soon too. i say we all go to cinque terre, italy and eat, drink and be merry. ya with me?
-the 10 wackiest buildings in the world. america makes the cut with a building shaped like an ugly picnic basket. seriously.
-bush wants women to be barefoot and pregnant all the time. why doesn't he realize preventing access to contraception will only increase unintended pregnancies and illegal abortions? i mean i realize that, and i'm not even that smart. (dramatic pause for light bulb moment) maybe i should just be president! dear 1.20.09, you can't come soon enough. end rant.
-did you go see it yet? if you're still one of the twelve people that has not seen batman, what's your deal? just go already.

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  1. i promise i will see your favorite summer movie soon! and i am ready to pack my bag and leave now for cinque terre in the villa we have in the hills. a girl can dream, right?


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