top of the net: the phatlanta edition.

July 29, 2008

- nicole's cupcakes were featured on a cupcake blog!! who ever thought cupcakes and blogs would live so happily together?! i've been lucky enough to try nicole's delicious/impressive/gorgeous treats. she calls them vegan. i call them magical.
- speaking of sweet georgia goodness, the local news featured a story about a company that can seemingly transpose any photo you give them onto a cookie cake. i know what i'm getting you for your birthday!! hint: it'll probably invole my face and a cookie cake.
- don't know what to do about outdated electronics that would never decompose in a landfill? well, grady high school hosts an e-recycling program every 3rd saturday of the month. we went last week. the friendly people even help you haul the stuff out of your car.
- i know daily candy is old news, but for those that live under an atlantan rock, go sign up for a daily email of helpful and hip places to see and events to be seen at. oh and dudes, this one is mostly for the ladies.
- having been born and raised here, it is still a little unbelievable to me that i only recently heard of this cool georiga activity. i heard it from a non-atlanta native to boot! anyway, apparently historic banning hills hosts zip line adventures! dear zip line, can't wait to meet you this fall!
- c's friend started an atlanta ecoblog. go check it out for tips on how to live greenly. and you know you want to live more greenly. everyone's doing it.
- bored of your everyday dinner routine? me too! maybe chow down atlanta can spice things up for us.
- and while we're talking about eating, j and i went to this awesome, mostly veggie place last week called dynamic dish. nevermind the seedy area, the fact that you feel like you're walking in on someone's dinner party in their kitchen, or the hipster crowd, the food alone would keep me coming back. the menu changes every day! and that, my friends, is music to this veggie's ears.
- d sent me this video clip of john mayer (who i think got his music roots in atlanta) hosting tmz. however you feel about his music, i think he should at least get credit for poking fun at himself.
- and before i leave you, this isn't specific to atlanta, but j sent me this hilarious e-card the other day, and i thought i'd personalize one and share with you. if mayer can poke fun at himself, so can i. (be patient while it loads and watch for my cameo around 1:51. tee hee.)

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  1. you're a dear.
    check out what's next in my world of cuppies...IronCupcake:Earth! do you think i can make a chili pepper cupcake taste good??? i hope so!


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