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June 13, 2008

-tim russert collapses and dies.

-reason #432 why i heart google. they've partnered with one cent per search to create a search engine that donates to a n
on-profit of your choice whenever you use it! go try it. ps- if your browser's current enough, you can even add a search toolbar!
-i know this is so 2006, but have you heard of it's a government website that is supposed to create transparency by breaking down government spending. it was the result of a bill obama helped create. obviously i'm all for government transparency, but is anyone else concerned about the objectivity of the data?
-habeas corpus prevails. the fact that we had to take this all the way to our supreme court is disappointing. what's more, the bench was split 5-4 on this fundamental and constitutional right. sigh.
-anyone watch the game last night? it was magical. wait, or maybe it was rigged? ha.
-oh hi, ron paul! you were still in the race this whole time?! the fact that we forgot about you should've been telling to you. oh well. i do respect some of your ideas.
-damn fox news, you don't even try to hide your biases anymore, huh?
-this is a pretty good psa in support of organ donation, no?
-oh bruce lee, i love when you speak all life coach-ey.

happy weekend!!

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