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May 6, 2008

because i haven't had any brilliant insight or newsworthy updates of my own lately, i'll point you to others'...

today, may 6th...
-even though he wasn't a us senator yet, obama did have the foresight to speak eloquently against the iraq war as an illinois state senator (thanks d!). much unlike the other two felt.
-speaking of obama, have you guys seen any of these ads?
-4 more years of the same? mccain vs. bush.
-speaking of the other two, what about this ludicrous gas tax holiday? i signed the petition.
-oh come on, don't be such a ninnyhammer!
-proof that we are all pretty ridiculous. even you. even me.
-this is good for those of us who don't know jack about our cars or our mechanics, but how likely is it that you'd ask for parts back? i mean it's good in theory, but...

from may 4th...
-cool, interactive graph of consumer spending. umm, my mortgage is way more than 24% of my expenses. damn adulthood.
-david posted a stunning video by radiohead & mtv to raise awareness about slave labor and human trafficking. go watch it.
-even if it's good luck in the motherland, it's still not ok to throw babies off buildings. but now i have an excuse for my mental mishaps. sweet.
-when d told me about this sicko, i was intrigued. now, i'm just disgusted.
-update from the motherland: we're crazy.
-they say the dc madame committed suicide. but maybe she was murdered for imminent client disclosure? scandalous!
-yep, most celebrities are still idiots and losers. and crazy. oh... and vain.

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