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May 14, 2008

yep, the south is still backwards. wtf is this sh*t?

to those of you outside of georgia, i promise we're not all ignorant. i've never even heard of this guy before, but the ajc says his bar is "ultra-conservative." so do we really believe him when he merely acknowledges the above imagery's jim crow roots but doesn't see anything wrong with depicting a prominent black man as a monkey? if he doesn't understand the controversy or the historical racist significance in portraying a black person as a monkey, he's an ignorant slut. even if i gave him the benefit of the doubt and believed that he's "not meaning" to be racist, why even go there, norman? you had to know- somewhere in that small mind of yours- that this would create some sort of warranted uproar. and now you went and further solidified a stereotype of the south. not good, norman. not good at all.

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