dearest aunties,

May 9, 2008

it's ok. it's ok that you feign enthusiasm when i tell you i'm an accountant after you've asked me for the 12th time. it's ok that you tell me i've gained weight or gotten darker since you last saw me. it's even ok that you repeatedly ask me why, at the age of 28.5, i'm still not married. but regardless of your irrational expectations, it's not ok that you berate me after i've given you all my answers. and it is quite unfair that your criticisms often know no bounds since snappy comebacks to you are frowned upon by my mother. that said, i do truly believe that most of you care for me and my life choices. and while i know you don't believe i am a complete person before marriage, i am happier than i have been in recent memory and am pursuing a path that i believe will sustain my happiness. and that has got to be enough for you. i want more... eventually. i probably even want most of what you want for me. i just have to do things in my own time, and you have to let me without vocally judging me. just think whatever you want about me to yourself, and we'll be fine.

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  1. i heart you for speaking your mind and following your heart. i am always in your corner love.


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