April 18, 2008

while the past couple of months have been filled with memorable shows, (alvin ailey, big boi, snowden, vampire weekend/the walkmen, explosions in the sky) i've been particularly eager for tonight's feist show for quite some time. ever since i heard the song 'lover's spit' with broken social scene, i've been a fan of her voice. and on her solo albums, i feel like her voice is so well matched with the poppy deliciousness of her song beats. i kind of think of her as a more accessible version of cat power... here's a live version of 'i feel it all'

she was originally scheduled to play downtown at my favorite atlanta venue, the tabernacle. but due to last month's destructive tornado, we'll be enjoying the show at the outdoor masquerade music park instead, which i'm told is actually pretty cool. good thing it's such a beautiful day!

*other weekend happenings- my second sewing class!, an antiques gallery, a friend's birthday party, and a beer fest. my educated guess is... it probably won't all happen.

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