me time.

April 7, 2008

so, lately i've become quite sick of myself. i feel like i'm drowning in my own routine. for some time now, work-eat-sleep has been on repeat, and i need to end the monotony. however i got into this funk, i think the way out of it is by playing lots of hooky and enjoying the swing sets in the park while eating lots of dark chocolate. kidding... but not really.
anyway, somewhere along the way, i think i've lost myself a little. so, i decided to start pursuing things that i hope become fulfilling- maybe even productive- hobbies. the first thing i did was start this blog. yay for you! the second thing i did was attend a hands on atlanta orientation to get back into volunteering. yay for community! the third thing i did was attend a sewing class and buy a pretty sewing machine. yay for me! you see, i'm all about the win win win situations. and hopefully this will help to undo the hitch in my giddyup.

that is all. about me.


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